Commercial Vehicles

Bringing transferrable engineering expertise to the forefront of design and manufacturing

Catalyzing the Future of Commercial Vehicles

Faster urbanization, infrastructure development, and the advent of advanced mobility has resulted in a new found innovation explosion to develop advance commercial vehicles. With this new creativity companies now require unique solutions to drive efficient speed, cost, and quality.

Experts at Butler are bringing their deep-rooted expertise from the aerospace and defense industry into the commercial vehicles sector. We are providing end-to-end service solutions that address the shifting workload of digital transformation.

Butler Expertise Spans Across

UAM and
eVTOL applications
  • Electronic Systems
  • Composite Structures
  • Metallic Structures
  • Interiors & Completions
  • Fuel & Hydraulics
  • Landing Gear
  • Mechanical System

How We
Differentiate Ourselves

  • Technology driven experts that can bring proven practices and transferrable needed skills.
  • Epert reach into our parent HCL for digital solutions and products.
  • Extensive relationships with industry partner to further expand our unique service solutions

Success Stories Cementing Expertise

Agile Team Support for Design & Analysis for eVTOL

Core transferrable skill sets aligned to help fulfill gap requirements for a startup eVTOL company. Contingent labor capture in the market were no available and outsourcing was a service solution that solved skill sets needs.

Let’s Engineer the Next Innovations in Commercial Vehicles