Industrial Applications

Supporting Industrial Clients Leveraging Aerospace & Defense Expertise

Engineering Expertise in Industrial Applications

Digitization, smart manufacturing, and an array of tech advances have paved the way from Industry 4.0. Now the focus is to right size machine-human interaction to Industry 5.0 for the best of both worlds.

We are supporting the needs of Industrial Clients to embrace technological change efficiency by bringing our diverse aerospace expertise to the industrial market

Our Footprints in the Sector

  • Leveraged Butler aerospace expertise and technology knowledge into the industrial market
  • Leverage digital transformational products and knowledge from our parent HCL to further enhance the industrial clients market readiness
  • Utilize high-end solutions around speed, documentation, analysis, and production to drive better results for Industrial product

Success Stories Cementing Expertise

Equipment Design Engineering for a Liquid Producer

Developed a new flow control valve design that exceeded flow control requirements. Simpler design incorporated ease of manufacturing methods which yielded higher first time quality. Over all design improved sustainable controllable flow metering on system for higher quality product production

Helping the Shift to Industry 5.0 with Engineering & Digital Expertise