Engineering Support Solutions

Comprehensive Support for the Complete Lifecycle

Engineering Support Solutions

Comprehensive Support for the Complete Lifecycle

Simplifying Engineering Lifecycle Complexities for Smarter Possibilities

Product development lifecycles are becoming more complex by the day. Multiple product variants, complete visibility in the product development lifecycle, uncompromising quality, and total adherence to ever stricter requirements are being asked from every sector. More so in the aerospace and defense market.

Defense and commercial customers require solutions driven by emerging technology and product teams are under constant pressure. Engineering leaders must focus on better workflow management and quality-driven engineering. Development teams are expected to accelerate product design for faster release cycles, with every product thoroughly reviewed, analyzed, and tested to meet the “more-strict” requirements.

We’re addressing these challenges with proven Engineering Support Solutions, simplifying complex requirements, design, analysis, testing, and certification needs to increase efficiency throughout the product lifecycle.

Our Focus Areas in Engineering Support

Product Development

Accelerating product ideation to launch, with end-to-end engineering lifecycle services, backed by experts in Systems, Design, Analysis, Testing, and Certification.


  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • Mechanical & Electrical Design & Analysis
  • Interiors Design & Analysis
  • Interiors Design & Analysis
  • Systems Requirements & Tracking
  • Configuration Management

Manufacturing & Quality Engineering

Uniting the engineering development team with the production floor, our experts drive higher efficiencies and reduce costs for your programs.


  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Fixture & Tooling Design
  • Quality Process Development
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Engineering Supplier Support
  • Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Testing, Certification, & Aftermarket Support

Bringing products to market at the cutting edge and keeping them there through testing, certification, and aftermarket support.


  • Technical Publications
  • Test Planning & Witnessing
  • Design Modifications Solutions
  • DER Support
  • Repair Design and Analysis Solutions
  • Aftermarket Solutions

Expertise in Every Step of the Product Development Lifecycle

We’re marrying a diverse array of tech know-how with expertise across engineering functions to bring quality and agility into every engineering lifecycle. From conceptualization, to build, to certification, and support of fielded products – teams of Butler experts act as an extended arm of OEMs and their suppliers in the commercial and defense markets.

Streamlined project management across the entire lifecycle

Blueprint for High Quality Engineering

We partner with Aerospace and Defense OEMs and their suppliers to enable custom-developed, agile engineering solutions that meet their specific needs. From full 360-degree lifecycle, and interdisciplinary engineering development through end-user support to smaller scaled segments of the lifecycle, Butler works with you to develop a custom-fit solution that is agile and scalable to fit your needs now and as they change in the future.

Benefit from 360 Degree Engineering Cycle Expertise

Complete visibility into the processes and benchmarks for your oversight

Rapid scalability to match your changing needs

Reduced cost from process optimizations and a culture of continuous improvement

Efficient reporting system to support and streamline program and financial management

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