Enabling Systems that Help Reach the Orbit & Beyond


Enabling Systems that Help Reach the Orbit & Beyond

Acclerating the Pace of Space Exploration

Declining costs of space explorations, tech advances, and private and public investments have pushed the space industry to new frontiers. New opportunities and technology innovations in the sector is making satellites, launch systems, and ground communiations more accessible.

We enable next-gen space technologies on AI, cloud, IoT to transform and accelerate design engineering, manufacturing, and digital solutions for private and government requirements.

Butler Expertise Spans Across

Flight Vehicle and Satellites

Launch Systems


Ground Communication

Solutions that Differentiate Our Deliverables

  • Engineering subject matter expertise from preliminary
    design through the products life cycle
  • Advanced Composites and Metallic expertise for
    product development.
  • Deep reach into US market SMEs to capture the best
    resources to build teams for space readiness

Success Stories Cementing Expertise

Flights Control Re-design

Design for assembly and design for manufacturing by onsite SMEs enabled timely project completion.

Composite Manufacturing for Space Exploration

Developed accurate composite flat patterns using advanced software capabilities to generate manufacturable parts.

Outsourced Packaged Design

Preliminary and detailed design provided to customer by provisioning SME team to provide multi-disciplinary engineering.

Long Term Staffing for Satellite Programs

Enabled highly qualified recruiting team to find the right resources to improve process flow time and manufacturing efficiency.

Fast-forward Future Opportunities in Space Industry