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Enabling 360 Degree Digital Innovation with HCL Support

Helping You Unlock the Possibilities of Digitalization

Digitization is setting the pace of innovation, accelerating the advent of new technologies across aerospace, space exploration, and defense sector. Digital solutions are helping connect disparate data and fragmented operation silos, helping teams to deliver engineering smarter, faster, and more accurately.

Leveraging in-house expertise, we have delivered the next advances in digitization and optimized production life cycles. From PLM implementation to embedded solutions and hardware development – our advisory and delivery expertise has scripted proven use cases of support for U.S. defense customers.

Through the proven track record of our parent company, we are able to be your PLM and embedded solutions partner, enabling a 360 degree digital innovation in the sector.

How Butler is Delivering Digital to Value

PLM Advisory and implementation services for U.S. defense companies

Helping to enable the vision of end-to-end digital thread for a customer through connected design and system integration services

Embedded software and hardware development, verification, and validation for U.S. defense companies

Solutions to enable customers to unlock the value of reaching the next level in digitizing their process

Showcasing Our Digital Solution Expertise

PLM Advisory/Implementation –

We are uniquely poised to offer customers solutions that truly work for them, backed by:

  • On-the-ground knowledge of PLM limitations from day-to-day engineering work
  • Expertise in PLM architecture and implementation

Enterprise Content and Collaboration –

Leveraging HCL’s semantic enterprise platform helps to eliminate the gap between:

  • The current state of limited connectivity between tools in the digital thread
  • The vision for an end-to-end solution for the digital thread

Backed by HCL IPs and Accelerators for Foolproof Delivery

Cameo PLM

A uniquely positioned HCL solution to meet significant U.S. defense contractor demand – specific DoD branches dictating the use of Cameo for architecture modeling.

Accelerated PLM

Another HCL solution for companies that have to scale and integrate PLM deployments. This is especially true for defense contractors who have to scale up PLM deployments in classified environments.


For significant leap in productivity and value in digitizing legacy documentation.


Enables reduction of cycle times and quality improvement by addressing design issues earlier in the development process.


A quality enabler framework for DO-178C software and DO-254 hardware development and testing.

One Test

Offering unique value over competitors’ products in the development and testing of embedded software.

Give Digitization a Definite Boost with Our Expertise

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